3pole contactor.JPG3pole contactor with finger protection up to 600A
3Pole starter.JPG3 pole starter up to 600A
2P contactor.JPG2P contactor with UL up to 40A
Capcitor.JPGRunning, starting capacitors
BLDC motor.JPGBLDC motors
Disconnector in case.JPGDisconnector switch in IP55 case
Disconnector switch IP65.jpgDisconnector switch IP65
Disconnector.jpgDisconnector switches
Fuse.JPGFuse and fuse holders
OMRON relay.JPGPower relay and sockets
Over current relay.JPGFast trip over current relay
Silicone heater.jpgSilicone heater
Terminal block 1.JPGVariety of terminal blocks
Terminal block 2.JPGTerminal block up to 400A with UL
Terminal  block 3.JPGTerminal blocks
Kapton heater.jpgKapton heater
MTW insulated wire.jpgMTW wire
Terminal lug.jpgTerminal lug
600V 760A.jpgUL listed terminal block for 600V 760A
600V 310A.jpgUL listed terminal block for 600V 310A
600V 380A.jpgUL listed terminal block for 600V 380A
IMG_1094.JPGDPST power relay 25A Made in Japan
IMG_1693.JPGTerminal block for 380A
IMG_1696.JPGTerminal block for 600V 760A
DC water pump.jpgDC water pump made in Japan
DSC_2852.JPGTungsten wire
OSK logo.jpgUL listed terminal block for 600V 760A