Compressor.jpgCompressor for air conditioner and refrigeration
Contactor.jpg3 pole contactor and overload relay up to 600A
Service valve.JPGService valve for R22, R410A up to 1-3/8" size
Square type service valve.JPGService valve for R22, R410A
Check valve.JPGCheck valve Cv rate 1.1 to 39
Copper.pngCopper filter drier, accumlator and charge valves
Aoyama tee.jpgMade in Japan copper fittings
Heat insulated copper pipe.JPGHeat insulated copper pipes made in Japan up to 2-1/8" size
Crank case heater SUS.JPGSUS crank case heater for compressor
Ployband heater.jpgPloyband heater for compressor
6.jpgU-pin heater
Duct heater.jpgDuct heater
4way valve.JPG4way valve for heat pump unit
Distributor.JPGDistributor assy
Hand valve nut type.jpgHand valve flare nut type
Hand valve welding type.jpgHand valve welding type
Condensor.jpgWire condensor
Fan motor 1.JPGAxial fan motor up to 710mm dia
Fan motor 4.JPGAxial fan motor with terminal box up to 710mm dia
Pressure switch.JPGPressure switch for R410A, R22
Bimetal thermostat.JPGBimetal thermostats
12h timer.JPG12hr timer
Heater.JPGHeater unit
PTC heater.jpgPTC heater
Aluminum heater.jpgAluminum heater for refrigerator
AC drain pump.jpgDrain pump
Float switch.JPGFloat switch A type
Float switch B.JPGFloat switch B type
Humidity sensor.JPGHumidity and temperature sensor
Kapton heater.jpgKapton heater
Nut.JPGBrass nuts
Union.JPGBrass unions
Plastic handles A.JPGPlastic handles for chest freezer A
Plastic handles B.JPGPlastic handles for chest freezer B
Plasma duster.JPGPlasma duster
Plate type heat exchanger.JPGPlate type heat exchanger
1.jpgTurn fin condensor 10 to 20% better heat transfer than WOT
Vibration absorber.JPGVibration absorber
Thermostat 1.JPGThermostat set
Particulate sensor.jpgParticulate sensor for 1 micro meter
Check valve 1-4.jpgCheck valve 1/4"
Check valve 3-8.jpgCheck valve 3/8"
2015-03-25 16.05.10.jpgPP heat exchanger
Pressure transducer.jpgPressure transducer for digital pressure control.
Cassette.jpgMade in Thailand cassette casing
Blower housing.jpgMade in Thailand blower and housing
Condensing.jpgMade in Thailand condensing casing
Fan.jpgMade in Thailand propeller fans
Guard.jpgMade in Thailand fan guards
DSC_2608.JPGPaper heat and moisture exchanger
DSC_2674.JPGBad odor absorver filters
DSC_2573.JPGCO2 sensor
DSC_2704.JPGR32 sensor
DSCF1580[1].JPGAdjustable pressure switch